Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Wednesday Update

Another great day! More trees taken care of, painting done at Norview, rooms organized at Upper Campus, and Kids@Hope help completed. Check out all the pictures to see SERVE@Home students in action!

My observation today and thankfulness though comes not from our current students but our alumni. As we head toward the back half of SERVE@Home marking the 19th straight summer that Mandy and I have led service trips for students I am reminded about the impact they've been able to have by the former students that have come through this week to volunteer, to speak, to take pictures or just to say Hello! 

Jack Koye (2019) - Serving in lots of fun ways this week even when he can carve out only an hour or so!
Dan Bullock (2018) - Doing every little odd job there is to do every afternoon this week. 
Robert Herrick (2017) - Co-leading a high school work crew, a middle school small group and speaking Friday night
Anna Derby (2015) - Co-leading the Heuser Park Project and speaking Thursday Night
Ben Hamblett (2014) - Tim's main assistant helping with general logistics and 
Dana Wright (2013) - Some odd jobs and spoke Wednesday Night
Sam Paradis (2013) - Leading a high school small group and doing some afternoon chauffeuring including dropping off popsicles at work crews today!
Josiah Blizzard (2011) - Stopped by to take some "professional" pictures today - more on that another night!
Katie Searfoss (2010) - Leading a work site at main campus this week and spoke on Tuesday Night

We've also had visits from Kira Berol (2018), Maddie Cooper (2017) and Caroline Herrick (2018). Any other alumni reading this - you're certainly welcome anytime this week :)

SERVE represents something for all these former students and for many more that are spread around the country or busy working or studying this week.  It represents a significant developmental experience and a set of memories that they can still hold on to today.  I'm praying the same for our current students this week and I'm overly thankful for our alumni that are helping make this possible along with our other incredible volunteers.