Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Tuesday Update and Pictures

First - what everyone wants: TUESDAY PICTURES

Secondly some thoughts from Tim...    

Two things come to mind tonight:
1) I've heard from youth pastors and organizational leaders around our region and the country in the last couple days asking how we're pulling this event off and making it work.  The students and our volunteers get all the credit for this one.  They've been incredible - willing to wear the masks when necessary and knowing when it's okay and how to take a break.  Our volunteers have been flexible and willing to do anything as some of our plans have changed and adjusted each day.  Mad Props Yo!

2) I'm not sure I can explain this as well through writing as I could when I shared it with the students tonight but I'm going to give it a shot.  The circle nature of this illustration is special as it helps me to understand how complex and intricate God's plan for our lives really are.  

COVID forced our Vermont plans to change --> which created the opportunity for us to SERVE@Home --> which led us to seek local projects --> where we found plenty of things that needed to be done --> as normal volunteer community events didn't happen this Spring --> because of COVID

Three great examples this week are the tree project at Heuser where all sorts of volunteers would have come through this Spring to take care of the trees and keep the project going.  Many volunteers are still needed and are welcome to get involved even as early as tomorrow night.  The other two projects that fit into this category are the weeding students did on the Upper Merion Baptist Church Nursery School Playground today.  Normally a parent work day would have taken care of it in the Spring and only touch up needed in the Spring but if you look through the pictures from today you'll see how bad it really was.  Earlier tonight I also go to call two widows that Hope generally serves through a Men's Spring Workday with yard work, gutter cleaning and other projects around their home.  Both were overjoyed at the opportunity to receive some help on Thursday and our high school students are excited to be able to go and fill that void that we weren't able to do earlier this Spring as a church.

It's only Tuesday - but this week has been full already.  It's an honor to be able to serve in this way and I'm excited that there's still more days in this week than we've been through so far!