Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Monday Update

Small groups were finished tonight and most of the students had been picked up.  I asked one of the last to be picked up how his day was and he said - "I had a lot of doubt that it was going to all work out but I tried not to have any expectations today. I have to tell you though when I was on my work site this morning I forgot for awhile that I was in PA and not VT."  That's one of the many goals this week to create moments and memories that remind our students that God is bigger than this moment we're in and He's got plans far behind our wildest imaginations for us no matter where we are in the country. Despite the heat, despite the masks, despite the safety precautions we had an incredible day.

Our day started with check-in and getting shirts, books, and even a commemorative mask. We moved from there to solo time where students scattered over the Upper Campus property to spend 15-20 minutes with Jesus and get focused for the day.  Work crew assignments were next and the middle school students headed off to Heuser Park with the high school students split between Main Campus and Norview Farm. 

The Heuser Park group got settled there and quickly got to work on weeding, mulching, and caring for some of the 1000 tree saplings that were planted in the last year as part of the Emerald Ash Borer Revitalization Project.  It was hot hard work today but the team was able to free 75 trees from weeds today and will have the benefit of watching those trees grow up even more in the next few years.

The Norview Farm group did a lot of schlepping today! We're helping the farm staff clean up the old garden center by removing old tables, cinder blocks, and more debris from many years gone by.  It was an incredible 120+ in the green house there today so they were in and out grabbing stuff and moving quickly before taking a breather outside.

The Main Campus team did a bunch of random tasks including some weeding outside, cleaning out an old storage pod and helping sort some old electronics.  A truck load of donations was taken from the old pod to Liberty Thrift today thanks to this team!

We took the afternoon off due to the heat and returned to church at 5:30 for a catered meal from Wild Blue Catering who will take care of our meals all week.  Tonight's breaded chicken sandwiches were a hit and we can't wait to see what's next on the menu.  Middle School and High School games of Moose Moose Llama Llama were a hit then back together for Yay Gods and Mad Props.  We finished the evening with a message from Mandy and small groups before heading home for the night.  

We kick off another day of fun soon!