Saturday, July 25, 2020

Friday Update

It's hard to believe it's over. What an incredible week!

Due to the forecasted thunderstorms this morning we cut our day short and only ended up doing service projects from 3-5:15 before dinner.  We finished up some projects at both upper and main campus completely filling the dumpster in the process!

Two of SERVES biggest traditions are Covenant Night and Bonfire Night. Covenant night is the night before the last night and is the culmination of the evening messages and small groups and involves some sort of heart moving tangible moment for the students as we commission them to take everything they've learned during a week and put it into practice back home.  Bonfire night is the last night of SERVE and is the students turn to do the talking and the leaders chance to do the listening.  Typically student after student steps forward to share something personal that they've learned that week and how the week affected them.  We knew the week wasn't long enough and the atmosphere wouldn't be quite right in order to pull off either of those sacred traditions.  Instead we did a little hybrid of both which culminated in a very powerful prayer moment in two different large circles where students stepped into the middle of the circle for categories that applied to them and adults around the circle prayed for the students that moved.  Categories included each grade, different schools, and sports teams / activities.  Everyone stood and moved into the circle as well to be commissioned in prayer to work for the peace and prosperity of the communities that they are a part of (Jeremiah 29:7) including their families and the local church.  

SERVE@Home may not have been the same but it was more than we could have asked for and we've added things and learned from this experience that will further SERVE no matter where it's held in the years to come! 

Thanks to everyone for being a part of this incredible journey.

If you want a link to any of the messages from any other night let Tim know (!