Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Tuesday Projects & Work Crews

Here's a look at each of our Work Crews. This year we went with retired Ben & Jerry's flavors. There were a lot of great ones to choose from — here's what we've got!

Team Wavy Gravy

Wavy Gravy is spending their week in Cavendish where they're partnering with the local Baptist church. They're mostly doing whatever the pastor asks them to do — including cleaning out a culvert, weeding, doing odd jobs around the church building, and plenty more.

Team Tennessee Mud

Tennessee Mud is starting the week at Abundance Acres, a farm in Andover that does community outreach and ministry in the area. They're doing some typical farm chores, like weeding, feeding pigs, and helping maintain crops.

Team Holy Cannoli

Holy Cannoli is serving at The Collaborative, a local non-profit that provides education about substance abuse in the Londonderry area. So far, they've put together bags with education materials, weeded a community garden, picked bugs of potatoes, and more!

Team Cow Power

Cow Power is (appropriately) serving at Taylor Farm in Londonderry. They're herding goats, painting picnic tables, feeding animals, cleaning out stalls, and getting plenty of local ice cream!

Team Dastardly Mash

Dastardly Mash is spending their week at the First Baptist Church in South Londonderry running Summer Kids Club with members of the church. 

Team Turtle Soup

Turtle Soup is starting their week at Memorial Park, where SERVE groups have been doing cleanup and landscaping for many years. This week, they're sanding and re-staining playground structures, repainting picnic tables, picking up trash, destroying wasp nests, and catching tadpoles and salamanders in the pond!