Monday, July 15, 2019

Sunday Recap!

We've begun!

We started the day with breakfast at Flood Brook and distributed t-shirts before heading off to the one and only First Baptist Church in South Londonderry. Chris Blackey preached on Luke 10:25-37 and the importance of loving your neighbor — I think he had us in mind! We took it easy after lunch and headed up to Camp Plymouth State Park where we swam, paddleboarded, played Frisbee games, sat in hammocks, relaxed, and ate dinner. Check out pictures from the afternoon here!

We arrived at the church for small groups, worship, and a talk from Mandy. After the fun day we're looking forward to getting a good night's sleep to prepare for Monday. In the morning, the students will find out their work crew groups and head out to their worksites for the day. We're excited to see God move in this community!

More pictures will come at the end of each day, so check back in the mornings for new pictures!