Friday, July 20, 2018

Thursday (and Pictures)

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Now that I've lost half of you (or more) I'll share a little bit about their day.  Weather wise today was another perfect Vermont day.  A crisp cool morning (50 degrees) turned into a gorgeously clear sunny day with a high of about 80.  

We're getting really good at our morning routine now - breakfast and making lunch for over 45 people this morning only took about 35 minutes and then groups were off and running.  

Kids Club Team cranked out Day 4 with a ton of energy.  They've learned the kids names, are memorizing their skits, and doing an incredible job helping the people at First Baptist South Londonderry pull off an amazing event.

The Middle School Adventures Leaders worked with the local 4th-6th graders on a day of service of their own.  They stacked wood in two locations, weeded some flower boxes in town, and delivered Ziti meals that they had made on Tuesday to people in need.  They have one more morning of adventure tomorrow.

The Wood/Farm Team was in Cavendish today doing a bunch of odd jobs including painting in the elementary school and weeding at the baseball field.  They even got to play a little baseball after finishing up their jobs.

The Colaborative Team continued to work hard in the community garden and has done a great job with odd jobs there this week including painting and priming walls inside.

The Parks Team continued their picnic table mastery and have just a couple tables left in order to finish all the tables in the park.

In the one morning we have left we'll wrap up all of these projects before high school shows up next week.  

This afternoon we all went to Taylor Farm (a working dairy farm) and split up on mini projects all over the farm.  It was awesome to see what a difference we made in just a couple hours.  I'm thankful for our partnership with Taylor Farm and I'm excited that a high school team will be able to love on them even more next week.  

We took a short swim in the pond at Weston Recreation Center and then headed back to Chester for Shepherd's Pie and Ice Cream Sundaes.  

I won't share a ton about worship and our evening program tonight because I know high schoolers are anxiously awaiting any details they can get their hands on but know that our covenant night was incredible and very moving for all of our students.  I can't wait until they can share the details and more with you at home!