Monday, July 23, 2018

Off and Running (Monday)

The start to a high school week is always fast and furious.  In the span of about 6 hours from the time they arrive 5PM to the time they go to bed on Sunday night 11PM it's a flurry of activities.  Happy Fun Bags are made, work crew orientations happen, dinner is served, worship happens, a message is given and small groups meet.  It's a sprint but a worthy sprint as it gets us prepared and ready to get out into the community on Monday morning.  

After a good night of sleep and a hearty oatmeal breakfast this morning everyone was ready to go. The forecast was for rain and that held true all day long and a couple teams had to adjust their plans and be flexible accordingly.  

If you're new to the blog or new to SERVE (a little background for you) - our home base for the week is Chester, VT but we serve alongside four different American Baptist churches within a half hour from Chester including Chester Baptist, Calvary Baptist (Springfield), First Baptist Church of South Londonderry, and Cavendish Baptist.  This week we have 8 teams serving every day doing a variety of projects all throughout these communities.  

Pictures from today will be posted a little bit later and we'll get you pictures and descriptions of the projects your students are working on tomorrow as well!