Monday, July 16, 2018


Today was a great day! We're now on our regular schedule for the next five days and we're ready to go. The Storehouse guys had breakfast prep this morning at 7 and everyone else was in the kitchen ready to go at 7:30.  The Storehouse girls had breakfast cleanup after we made lunch and ate breakfast and we were all ready to go by 8:30.  We had five teams headed in five directions this morning and they all worked incredibly well together.  Let me introduce you to our teams:

Kids Club Team
The kids club team works at First Baptist Church of South Londonderry and is responsible for bringing the energy.  They work in teams of two to be counselors for the kids and some of them sing, dance, and lead skits as well. 

Middle School Adventures Team
Unfortunately we didn't get a group picture today.  Andrew Vallete is working with Mackenzie, Hannah, Jonathan, Evan and a Vermonter named Henry as counselors for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders this week called Middle School Adventures.  They got the tough job today of going with the 17 younger students to a place called Pike's Falls to swim and jump off rocks.  They lead so well though - getting to know all the names of the kids they worked with and challenging the younger ones to get in the water and swim around. 

Farm / Wood Team
This crew headed over to Abundance Acres CSA today to help on the farm.  From what I heard, manure was shoveled, bugs were evicted from plants, and some other fun  The boys had an incredible attitude and are ready to go to another spot to stack some wood tomorrow.

Collaborative Team
Our longest and most constant relationship outside of our church partnerships is with The Collaborative.  We've done many things with them over the years and this year is no different.  The girls who were there today weeded in the community garden and flicked a lot of bugs off plants.  They are excited to do some painting and other projects as the week goes on. 

We spent our afternoon at Hapgood Pond getting showers, having quite time, playing some team building games and enjoying the water.  We took back roads home enjoying the scenery and had Baked Ziti for dinner.  After dinner brought a couple options with some of the students heading out on a walk to the bridge over the creek, others playing soccer and frisbee in the yard and the rest playing some card games at the church.  Daniel Vallette lead us in worship and Chris Blackey gave the message. 

We're so psyched that this is the last "hot" night of the week.  Temperatures are supposed to drop and be cooler from here on out and we're all ready for that!

Check out the pictures from today - it sure was a good one!