Thursday, July 19, 2018


One of the things I love most about Serve is that it gives a chance for friendships to form.  I was hiking up the rocks today and I had a chance to overhear a couple of our guys talking to one another.  They were on two different work crews and were saying how they had missed each other because they hadn't seen each other all day.  Here's the picture I took:

The thing I love most about this picture is it's four guys from four different schools and one of them is a Vermonter.  In the other three we've got one who almost didn't come but decided at the last minute, one whose family changed a family vacation so he could come, and another one that wasn't feeling all that excited about coming either.  Yet today on the side of a mountain none of them wanted to be anywhere else and with anyone else.  

There's so many layers to Serve and so many important pieces in every students faith journey as they learn how much God loves them and how much he desires to be in relationship with them.  Friendships among students are a huge key and part of that whole puzzle though and finding a group of guys to do life with even if you're states apart and in many different schools is a puzzle piece that's integral to a sturdy foundation of knowing and loving Jesus.