Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A little bit of wrap-up...

It was an incredible two weeks.  We're all in "recovery" mode now and I'm so thankful for those leaders that took the two-week challenge.  It's a sprint from start to finish during the two weeks but we wouldn't trade it for the world.  

I asked my leaders to come up with some numbers to show the sheer volume of things that were done just during high school week.  We had 58 high school students from two different PA churches serving on 9 work crews at over 15 different work sites in 7 different communities with 5 church partnerships. 

Here's some of the other numbers my volunteers came up with:
41,000 aluminum cans removed from a house
650 screws in a wheelchair ramp built in Cavendish
28+ smiling and loved on kids at VBS in Springfield
250 bottles of maple syrup filled, labeled and stocked at Taylor Farm in Londonderry
Over 7000 pieces of wood stacked at The Colonial House in Weston
Over 1600 pieces of bread consumed 
20+ Pickups, deliveries, and dump runs by the Love Works Truck
Over 1800 community service hours
7 nights of evening programming including worship, messages, and fun
2 baptisms

14 vehicles that traveled home

This trip is more than just numbers - it's about life change both in the hearts of our students and those that we serve.  It's about learning to live in community and getting to experience a different part of our world. It's also about learning that they can make an impact in a community that isn't their own during their high school career so that they know they can do the same by themselves as they get older.  

Thanks for being a part (even if just by reading) of SERVE 2017.  I won't say this is my last blog of the summer.  There's probably a few more things rattling around in my head that are worthy of sharing.