Friday, July 21, 2017


Yet another busy busy day on Serve.  We had groups serving this morning at VBS, Abundance Acres CSA, Cortland Wood's house, and at First Baptist Church of Chester. The "craziest" project of the day was picking Japanese beetles off of plants.  The team that was there had a contest to see who could collect the most bugs including weighing them periodically to keep track! After all was said and done the team collected 1.5 pounds of BUGS! 

In the afternoon we headed off to a SERVE favorite - a hike out to Little Rock Pond.  The hike follows the Appalachian Trail north for two miles to a GORGEOUS pond.  Once there we hiked around the edge to a spot where we could jump off a rock and land over 15 feet below in very deep water.  We spent hours enjoying the lake and jumping off the rock.

We had awesome Shepherd's Pie for dinner at Chester Baptist and had our "club" time there as well. All in all another great day on Serve.  Tomorrow is the last day of service projects and we'll find another fun afternoon activity.  

Here's the pictures from today - many awesome great ones as usual!

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