Thursday, July 27, 2017

Thursday Update

It's the second to last day of work projects and we had another great day although the weather hasn't been the best this week.  We dodged rain drops again today for the first part of the day and the sun played games with us all afternoon.  Even with those obstacles - wood was stacked, maple syrup bottled, trash taken to the dump, a VBS run, a porch scraped, a playground painted, a wheelchair ramp finished, a family helped, many appliances moved to a basement, a summer camp cleaned up, a senior lunch served and a whole lot more that didn't get caught on camera!  

I (Tim) get the amazing opportunity to drive around to various work sites every day and interact with both our students that are serving and the people they are working for.  I can't tell you how many people are just blown away by these kids.  They can't fathom why'd they'd even come here for a week to do service work.  I often get questions like: "Are they in trouble?" "Do they have to do this for school?" and I try to tell them and convince them that no they just want to be here and get so much joy out of serving others.  I spoke with homeowners, pastors, organization leaders, business owners and more today that were blown away by the amount of work these kids poured out on work sites today.  

Enjoy the pictures when they get posted in a bit and soak in just how amazing this group of students really is!