Wednesday, July 12, 2017

SERVE Prep Continues

I've spent the last two days meeting with many of our Vermont connections including pastors, home owners, organizations, farmers and more.  So many people are excited about the arrival of SERVE 2017.  I can't explain exactly what SERVE means to these communities and people because it's different for everyone.  For some it's hope, for others an opportunity to get some extra things done, for some it's an opportunity to get excited about serving others as they all watch a group of students willing to do whatever job is put in front of them.

We have a record number of local kids joining us this year.  Five Vermont middle schoolers joining us for a full week of SERVE and at least five others joining us for mini SERVE, a 3-Day service experience.  It's so exciting to watch the growth that's happened with that as we've returned year after year.  

Stay tuned for updates and more as we load up Saturday morning and head North!