Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Long term relationships

A year ago on high school Serve we had an incredible day of service that we called Cavendish One Day. On Wednesday every single Serve team headed to work with Abe and Amanda Gross and their community. One of our projects was to work with a family that lives next door to the church. Their house had been inhabited by squatters and the entire place had been trashed. We had student leaders for the day and Sean and Lily chose this project. Along with Abe Howell and Sly and a huge crew of students they worked all day removing trash, scrubbing floors, and so much more.

Today they got to revisit and meet Becky Plunkard so she could thank them for their service. These are some of the hidden moments that make Serve so special and are the reason long term missional relationships are so important.  Going back to the same place year after year creates bonds and memories and deeper impact than a one week one time trip ever will! I'm so thankful for opportunities like this that show my students how simple acts of service can mean so much.