Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Work Crews

Our teams are named after some of the best ski trails in the state of Vermont this year.  We have 9 teams out each day serving the community on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Tomorrow (Wednesday) we will all be headed to Cavendish for our second annual Cavendish One Day! All the teams tomorrow will be working in a much smaller town on at least 11 different projects.  We're so excited to see what we can accomplish together.

Team Flume - These guys are working at the First Baptist Church in South Londonderry and the Montessori School this week.  They've been painting and doing light construction.

Team Lookout - This crew is scraping and painting a porch in Chester.  They've had a tough time but are doing an awesome job!
Team Spruce - This crew is serving at the Chester - Andover Elementary School.  They've moved classrooms worth of stuff, pruned shrubs, painted bookshelves and so much more! They'll be back to the school on Friday but on Thursday they will be at the Chester Family Center clearing brush.

Team Freefall - These guys started their week at Sue's and ended up in Cavendish today!  They've done tree work, repaired a chicken coop, got a room ready for painting, done farm chores, mounted a projector, and did so much more!
Team Cascade - Kyle Robbin (a former Youth@Hope intern) and now the Youth Leader at Lincoln Park Community United Methodist Church is leading this awesome team!  They power washed a house and did some landscaping on their first two days and they'll be at The Collaborative on Thursday and Friday.
Team Escapade - This crew has been working for Claire Holton in South Londonderry all week.  Claire needed her house prepped to be painted.and this team rose to the challenge.  They finished their day today by washing windows at the Smith Haven retirement community and will have a variety of jobs the rest of the week.

Team Rumble - This crew has been moving all sorts of things for the "Whale of a Sale" at the Congregational Church this week.  They've done it with great spirits and had a ton of fun.  They'll be finishing their week working at the food pantry in Londonderry.
Team Ripcord - This big crew has been tackling the painting at Taylor Farm!  It's a big job but they've worked hard the first two days and are going to get a ton of it done.  They'll be at Taylor Farm the rest of the week!
Team Black Magic - Last but not least this crew is at the Colonial House stacking wood.  Don't mind the bare feet - we caught them as they were getting ready to shower at the end of their work day!  They are about halfway done their project and hope to finish stacking the 32 cord of wood by sometime on Friday.