Thursday, July 21, 2016


It was another great day here in Southern VT!  This morning was Wet Wednesday for the VBS kids with lots of water games and the older kids at a waterfall called Pike's Falls.  Our two other teams were back at the Collaborative and the Colonial House where they weeded and stacked wood!

This afternoon we headed over to Weston Recreation Center for swimming and lunch and then off to showers at various places in the area.  We closed up the VBS at Cavendish Baptist Church tonight and put an exclamation point on it with an awesome BBQ.  After dinner we headed back to Chester for a night of worship and a message from Mandy.  She challenged us to think about the pebbles in our shoes and figuring out what the little things were that hold us back from a deeper relationship with Christ.  

We posted another bunch of pictures from our day today - we hope you enjoy!