Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thoughts from the Photographer

This week has been an emotional roller coaster for some students in the best of ways. It’s not often that such a large amount of high school students spend a whole week together, so community is bound to be built. New friendships are being formed and old ones are being strengthened, which is exactly what we strive for with SERVE. You could tell just by the volume of laughter that was coming from the students at the BBQ last night.

Cavendish day was a great change of scenery that allowed the students to go back to their work sites today with excitement, ready to pick up where they left off. The wood stacking crew particularly (Black Magic) is determined to finish their project with time to spare. With all that enthusiasm you’d think that they were doing something more “fun” than serving, but I guess God is doing some pretty amazing things in the hearts of these high school students! 

Blog Post written by our incredible and talented photographer Alexis Madonna