Sunday, July 31, 2016


There's not much to say that hasn't already been said but yet again today was an AWESOME day.  We started with some organizing, pre-packing and cleaning at the church while everyone took a minute to sign their name on the school parking lot.  

After that we headed off for an incredible hike at White Rocks.  Some of the group headed up the mountain and up and up and up to the top and others took a route to another vista and then down to an incredible natural feature called the Ice Beds.  Ice freezes among the rocks to an incredible depth all winter long and then slowly thaws through the summer months creating a natural air conditioning effect.

We split again to get some swimming time in at three different swimming holes and then reconnected at the SERVE Bash.  The Serve Adult team came from PA to help us throw a perfect party for the Londonderry Community. About 60 people from the community came out to join us and had a chance to connect with the local church and one another.

We finished with a bonfire and baptisms out at Sue's place - an annual tradition where the students get their turn to share things they learned this week and how things will be different when they go home.