Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Oh what a day!

I can't even begin to sum up all that happened in Cavendish, VT today but for your benefit at home - I'll try!

This was our second year of Cavendish One Day and as good as it was last year - this year took it to a whole other level.  At 8AM - 12 student leaders (Juniors and Seniors selected by their adult volunteers) headed off to meet Abe Gross the Pastor of Cavendish Baptist Church.  Abe had lined up 11 projects and he explained each of them to the students as they listened and began to process which ones they wanted to lead.  Each student took on a task with two students working together on one of the bigger projects.  They then selected an adult volunteer that they wanted to work with for the day and started the much harder process of which students would make up their team.  One team had only two students on it while others had as many as 8 or 9.  When the rest of the adults and students arrived in Cavendish the student leaders assembled their newly created team and briefed them on their task for the day.  

The projects for the day were:
Weeding at a local CSA
Resetting grave stones at a local cemetary
Painting a room in the parsonage
Moving big beams for a future house
Painting two bus shelters
Building an awning on the parsonage
Painting a playground at a local school
Moving a chicken coop
Painting part of a ceiling in the church
Clearing an invasive plant called barberry in the woods
Emptying trash and cleaning a house 

There's no way to convey the volume of work that was done today at these various work sites as students led their peers all day long.  We had a BBQ at the church in Cavendish tonight and several people who had work done for them came by to share their thanks.  What a joy it was to watch students come running to meet people and thank them for the opportunity to work for them or along side them.  I'm so proud of them and hope that as pictures are posted later that they'll tell even more of the story!

Kyle Robbins is finishing a message right now and we're headed back to Chester Baptist for small groups and much needed sleep.  It'll be back to our regular work sites tomorrow to continue what we've already started but we'll look back on today as a day where an incredible amount of things were accomplished all to God's glory!