Saturday, July 16, 2016

Look Up

Day one of Serve 2016 is in the books. Serve shirts have been handed out, trucks have been unpacked, and Jesus has already began what will be an incredible week. Over 50 of us filled the room tonight as we worshiped together and as Mandy spoke on ‘looking up’ to God for the help we need. After the message, the students went out under the beautiful Vermont stars and had some time to reflect on the message. This is where God really started to show off. Today just happened to be Chester, VT’s 250th anniversary. They just happened to set off fireworks as the students were heading outside. The fireworks just happened to be completely visible from the field and Mandy’s lesson just happened to be about ‘looking up’. It was a reminder to us as leaders that no matter how much planning and effort we throw into this trip, God is ultimately the one in control!

Tomorrow we are up at 8:00AM and on our way to South Londonderry for Church service. From there, a day full of adventure, team building, and fun as we kick off SERVE 2016!

-Matt Harner