Saturday, July 30, 2016


Projects were finished and mountains were climbed! We had yet another incredible day.  I'm so proud of these students for the effort they poured out this week and the quality of work that they produced.  I can't tell you how many people we did work for this week were astounded by our group.  One such man said - "I had lost a little (I mean a lot) of faith in society and in the next generation but then I met these guys.  They work hard - love one another - and genuinely enjoy service."

All of you at home should be so proud of these kids because they deserve every compliment, high five, and thank you they get from the people they've served this week.  

As always we've posted a bunch of pictures for you to enjoy!  

Tomorrow is a "play day" for us and we'll close it out in the evening with a big town party at Pingree Park in Londonderry.  If you're local stop by for free food and more from 5-7!