Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tuesday Report

Oh what a day! I feel like I could write that everyday but today was definitely one of those special days.  It was a day where the rain stopped when we needed it to and a day where everything seemed to click together as if it had been planned that way for months.

This morning the VBS team was incredible in their second day of work.  With everyone feeling more comfortable and knowing their roles they went beyond expectations and clearly enjoyed themselves. Our work project crew was out at the Bondville Fairgrounds today sweeping out buildings and working on the grounds helping them get ready for their big event in August. Lastly our middle school adventures team had fun on a waterfall adventure with seven local kids.  Our students were incredible role models and risk takers as they encouraged the local kids to get in the chilly water and do fun things like stick their heads under one of the big waterfalls.

We had our program time in the afternoon again today which included an incredible message from Mandy and a fun transformation Tuesday game with another spirit filled worship time with Ben.

The rain stopped just as we were ready to leave and we raced off to the Weston Rec Center for a swim in the pond and a chance to dive in and jump for frisbees and just relax for an hour.  Just as we were ready to leave the rain picked up again almost on cue.

From there it was off to Cavendish and our students were off to serve again.  The rain stopped as we were pulling up and VBS was another huge success.  The vinyl siding team, the weeding team, the food prep team, the cement team, and a wood stacking team all had successful nights.  The weeding team had a special treat for a second straight night as they got to weed for and talk to a woman named Olive who despite her 90ish (unknown) years of age got out into the woods with them to show them things to remove and take down as well as shared stories from her almost 40 years of being a missionary in Vietnam the Philippines.  We shared another meal with other VBS leaders from the Cavendish church and headed for home.

Small groups have ended and everyone is in bed.  Another successful day still very much on the front end of this trip and especially the whole two weeks here!