Monday, July 13, 2015

The plan for today!

We are two days into the trip, and work crews start this morning. The students can't wait to get to work and we thought you'd like to know just what they are up to!

In the mornings Skyler, Cameron, Joey, Jake and Sophie are using their talents to lead the songs for vacation bible school at First Baptist Church.  While Lindsey, Kayla W, Kayla P, Arielle, Hailey, Piper (a Vermonter), Alexis, Amanda, Cole, Jonathan, Colsen, and Corey will be leading different age groups through VBS rotations.  The leaders hanging at First Baptist with this amazing group are Jennifer, Taylor, Nicole, and Andres.

Andrew V, Brian, Michaela and Natalee will be hanging out with middle school students for VBS doing service projects and going on adventures with Tim, Scott, Ben, and Elisabeth.

While they are doing that Nick, Will, Geoffrey and  Andrew B, will be helping out various organizations around the community with Amy, Steve, and Matt.

Our schedule is a little different this year with morning work projects and evening work projects.  We're thrilled to have a new church partnership with Cavendish Baptist Church and this week we'll be helping with their vacation bible school program which runs from five o'clock to seven thirty Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings.  That leaves our afternoon free for our club program, small groups and always a chance to swim or take an adventure.

For the evening VBS Joey, Lindsey, Kayla, Colsen, Natalee will be doing different tasks supporting the VBS team. While Arielle, Amanda, Michaela, Alexis, and Hailey will be walking the students through the rotations for the night.

The church is providing us with dinner at the end of every evening and Cameron, Nick, Geoffrey and Will, will be doing dinner prep with Matt Harner for the next nights meal.

The rest of our team will be split off into three groups working at various homes in the Cavendish area!

We'll be sure to have a big picture blast for you today - we can't wait to get started!