Sunday, July 26, 2015

Friday / Saturday

There's pictures up from Thursday and Friday with more to come as we collect from everyone's cameras.

On Friday we finished all the work we had set out to do.  The completion of the big wood stacking project and the tennis court revitalization were certainly the most prominent but other projects were just as successful.

Friday night we got a tour of the new construction on the First Baptist of South Londonderry church building.  It was amazing walking through the space that will one day hold the local congregation and be an incredible spot for SERVE as well.  George Searfoss gave the evening message and the students enjoyed and are excited about the challenges he laid out.  The night was capped off by covenant time - a chance for all of our leaders to pray for individual students and give them their newly tie-dyed and hashtag branded shirts.

Today brought a chance to sleep in and enjoy blueberry pankcakes with locally picked berries.  We then headed off for our Little Rock Pond hike and enjoyed jumping and swimming in the beautiful warm water.

We've had quite a week and it was capped off by an incredible party thrown by our SERVE 3 Day team at Pingree Park and then a classic bonfire night out at Sue's.  It's incredible to hear these students talk about their faith with eachother around a bonfire and encourage each other to live differently when they get home.