Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cavendish One Day

We're eating breakfast, making lunch and headed to quiet devotion time shortly.  After that we are on our way to Cavendish.  Last week we helped Cavendish Baptist Church with some service project and their VBS.  This week we are back again helping with 12 different service projects around town.  We'll be scraping and painting snow plows, weeding at a CSA garden, working for the town office, painting at the elementary school, cutting down trees, building a deck, working at the church and so much more!  What a day it will be.  We can't wait to see how we can point all the glory back to God and shine the light of God back onto the local church.

If you're local and want to hear how it all pans out then join us in Cavendish at 5:30 tonight for a meal!