Friday, July 24, 2015

Cavendish One Day Update

Our one day experience in Cavendish was incredible and many many students have let me know that it was an incredible experience and definitely worth doing again.

We worked on 11 different project simultaneously in much smaller teams than we are used to.  Because of the size of the town all projects were within just a few minutes of each other.  We took down trees, worked at the Baptist church, painted at the Assemblies of God church, painted snow plows, weeded and pruned around the town office, weeded and pruned around the town green, weeded and learned at Little Village Farm, moved a dog house and lots of wood, worked at the little league baseball fields, and built a deck, and worked at the local elementary school.  The day was definitely as busy as it sounds but it was incredible.  We have 14 seniors this week and they each too on a project with three groups working in pairs.  They led and worked tirelessly setting an incredible example for our younger students.

In the evening we gathered for dinner and then got together in the baptist church to share stories and see some pictures of the incredible day.  Abe Gross the pastor of Cavendish Baptist Church shared statistics about Vermont and New England churches and talked about the struggles of pastoring in a small town. He talked about longevity in ministry and how in some cases it takes a thirteen year relationship with someone in order to get them to come to church.

We did our whole evening program at Cavendish and several people from their congregation joined us for the whole thing.

We are certainly excited to see what's in store for next year as we continue this relationship!