Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What a day!

Once again - not the writer the interns are but I thought I'd dash off a pretty quick blog tonight to update you about our day.  It's Wednesday which means everyone is a little overly comfortable and energy isn't at the high level it's been which in our world means it's time to shake things up.  After a strong pep talk before VBS our counselors, skit team, and preschool team were awesome this morning.  It was a rainy morning which made things even more difficult but our students handled it with ease and did an incredible job.  Our middle school adventures team headed out with five new additions from Chester Baptist Church in Chester, VT.  Despite the rain the guys part of that group got another two rows of wood stacked and the girls finished up the work at the Londonderry food pantry.

After a quick lunch and devotional time we headed for our shake things up adventure of the day.  Jim Sullivan at Magic Mountain was gracious and helpful to get us a discounted rate at TimberQuest this afternoon and we took full advantage.  With our new friends from Chester baptist our group size was 32 and we had an amazing time crossing rope bridges, cargo nets, and other amazing obstacles high in the trees.  The highlights were definitely the awesome zip lines to close it out!

Worship and club were early to accommodate parents picking up the girls from Chester and some extra visitors from First Baptist Church.  We played a rousing game of Poser and there were MANY Mad Prop and Yay Gods to be shared.  Chris Blackey shared an upside down message about worry and Ben closed us out with worship.  The students are in small groups now but we'll end our evening with a new fun game called "Find the Interns".

Pictures to come later - looking forward to seeing what's on the cameras!