Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Voices in song are floating down the Floodbroook hallways tonight as we transitioned into a music set after our night time game was cut short by thunder.  We've had another great day in Vermont and the voices raised in song tonight are just another great example of what's happening through and with these students on this trip.  

We bring students to Vermont to challenge them.  We ask them to give up their electronics, to work hard daily, to serve one another, and most of all to take a long look at themselves in the mirror and to figure out what God wants to do in their lives.  Tonight's biggest challenge came from Kathleen Blackey one of the co-pastors at the First Baptist Church in South Londonderry.  Her message was clear "Love your Enemies" - yet our world tells us so much different as those around us and in leadership even hold grudges, put each other down, and so much more.  The message tonight was just another way to get these students to understand that Jesus really does want to turn their lives upside down.  Our small group times have been excellent as they wrestle together about what that message really means and how in the world it applies to their lives.  What has to change when they get home or even right now today.

Tomorrow brings one of the final two days of work left in our week and I'm so excited to see what they can accomplish as the week draws to a close.  Trails are being created and cleaned up, buildings painted, rock walls built, steps engineered, parks beautified, local residents helped, and oh so much more.  

It's a pleasure to be here in South Londonderry for so many reasons but most of all we're thankful for a place where our students can grow!