Tuesday, July 15, 2014


As we close in on another awesome day here at base camp Floodbrook, we want to give you a recap of the day's adventures!  We spent the morning leading another great day of VBS and Adventure Service Club. Then, this afternoon, we worked as a large group through sweat and rain to lay several stacks of firewood at the Colonial House Inn. The rain actually came as a blessing in the home stretch of the stacking, when the kids came together as a team to push each other to finish the project strong. When we completed the job, channeling our inner Henry David Thoreau, who once said, "Every man looks upon his wood pile with a sort of affection," we stood upon our wood piles with great satisfaction, and then celebrated with a swim in the Weston Rec Center pond! Hungry kids enjoyed a yummy Taco Tuesday dinner this evening, followed by another great worship sesh and an awesome talk by Mandy. She spoke on the crux of the Christian message, debunking the myth that we have to be good enough to accept Christ, and explaining instead that once we accept Christ, the longer we know Him, the more we know how much we need Him. It's not about what we can do, but what Christ has already done. Until next time! -- The intern trio (Jackie, Ben, & Superfly)