Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday - Project Updates- PICTURES!

        There is something about watching high school boys worship God through song, that I can not quite describe. The closest that I come to it is that if someone were to ask me “Why do I believe in God?” I think that I might respond with another question: “Have you ever seen a group of high school guys worship?” I have had the privilege of doing that this week, there is a power and beauty in that moment that one may never be able to be described. Everyday these boys live in a culture where they are supposed to prove their manhood, their strength and their individuality and that they are in charge. Yet, with arms raised high they are declaring the greatness of God, they are declaring God’s power over their own and God’s plans above their own. These guys, which in that moment can only be described as amazing young men are submitting their lives to Christ, they are humbling themselves before the King of Kings. These men (for boys is not an accurate description) are going against what culture is expecting of them by allowing Christ to turn their worlds upside down!

      We can’t believe that there is only one more work day left, the crews are doing an outstanding job, as Jackie has posted earlier. There was much cooler weather today, which was a relief to everyone. Instead if updating you on all the in and outs of today (pictures are posted here),  I wanted to show you the impact that these students are having on this community. Some may wonder what we do up here all week and I hope that these pictures offer an insight in to the work that was finished by the end of the day yesterday.  Take a few moments and check out the before and after pictures we have been able to take of the completed work projects! Just to think this is not included the last two days of work projects this week as well as some projects we don’t have pictures for!