Sunday, July 27, 2014

Saturday Blog + Pictures

Saturday has come and gone before we know it and Sunday has begun. We have certainly enjoyed the beauty of Vermont on Saturday as we energetically hiked and explored the boulders at Ice Beds/White Rocks in Wallingford. After we got our work out for the day, we relaxed by being pulled up Okemo Mountain only to speed our way down on their mountain coaster. To cool off we took a little time to swim at Memorial Park before a cookout dinner with locals. Each one of us felt blessed as Londenderry residents came to join us at Memorial Park. To close our fun filled day, we went to Sue's Pond to encourage and support Rebecca W. and Nicole H. who got baptized today. Once we celebrated with them, we had our traditional bon-fire at Sues where the students and leaders shared about how God has spoken to them this week.

The students are all snuggled in their beds and we are making our last minute To-Do List so that we can get up and quickly pack in the morning. It will be great to enjoy Sunday Worship with First Baptist Church and then we will begin our journey to King of Prussia. Check for updates about arrival times later today, but for now while you anxiously await getting your sons and daughters back enjoy the photos below!

Saturday Photos!

-Elisabeth & Elizabeth