Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Monday's Update + Pictures!

We didn't get to all the work crews today - we'll try to get even more variety tomorrow!

Day 1 of work crews has finished and what a day it was! Our teams have rocked their sites. We started the morning with some wonderful devotional time in the cool crisp weather of Vermont. From there they promptly got in their cars and off to find all the adventures God had in store for us and how we will blessing this community by being the hands and feet of Jesus this week.  We have eight teams this year and they are unbelievable!

Team Captain Crunch is lead by Doug H. and Ben and they are accompanied by Nellie, Sophea, David S. Austin, and Andrew T., they are spending much of their week at the First Baptist Church site, helping to level some ground and build a deck to the second floor of a neighboring building.
Team Golden Grahams is led by Jerome and Josiah with the power group of Jordan S., Jacob B., Luke, Mike, and Zach O. This group loaded and unloaded some of the heaviest lumber I have ever seen and then built a bridge with it at Pingree Park. They are also working to clear a half mile hiking trail at the park.

Team Apple Jacks is led by Pete and Matt H. with the amazing group of Andres, Devin, Jon W., Adam, Ashley H., Sarah D., and Bekah H.. They spent their morning clearing out the yard by moving tires and other objects and cutting down brush at a local families house to make room for a mobile home.
Team Lucky Charms is led by Maureen and Caleb and has the artistic crew of Anna, Becca, Tasha, Zach W., and Ben H. This week they are spending their time, scraping, sanding and painting a house called House of Sabbath which has been donated as a transitional living place for people in the Londonderry/Weston area.

Team Trix is led by Jean and Christian and they have the flexible crew of Brianna, Maddie, Ashley R., Lily, JJ, Sean and Martin. Their morning was spent weeding which quickly turned into washing windows at Smith Haven an elderly community and then ended with some more weeding and cleaning out the garage at the Blackey's house.

Team Honeycomb is led by Daniel and Elizabeth L. and they have the persistent crew of Nicole, Carly, Alexis, Sam, and Jared. The gentlemen spent their day shoveling dirt and pulling rocks to prepare the area to have a rock wall built. The ladies, no less persistent, spent the day scraping and sanding a gazebo. Both of these projects are for a local Inn.

Team Frosted Flakes is led by Superfly (Jeff) and they have the energetic Danny M, Daniel V, Daniel S, and Robert. They are spending the first two days of their week working on Mount Equinox and creating water bars on the trail system there.  Later in the week they'll move to the Appalachian and Long Trail sections on Bromley mountain.

Team Froot Loops is led by Joel and Steph and they have the work horses of Amanda, Danielle, Megan, Jordan S., and Leonard. They are spending the first part of their week helping to move bricks and pieces of a house that has been torn down.

After a great day of visiting work sites and seeing how hard these students are working, we finished the day out with a trip to a local water hole where many students jumped in off some rocks. Though it was a full day, there was still plenty of energy as Ben lead us in worshiping God together in song and Mandy reminded us that part of our lives being turned upside down, is not inviting God into our kingdom, but giving over our kingdom to him and allowing Him to be in control. We were reminded that there is freedom and joy that comes with giving our lives to Christ.