Monday, July 14, 2014


So I'm not the writer that Ben and Jackie are but what I'm gathering is that you all want facts! Our SERVE theme this year is "Let Jesus Turn Your Life Upside Down" and we've been looking every night at the ways Jesus' words completely turn our lives upside down.  We've also decided to turn 7th and 8th Grade SERVE week upside down as well. The big news is that we are ONE BIG TEAM this week.  Everyone is is on the Vacation Bible School team! We are split up into several VBS groups including counselors, Skit/Motions, PreSchool, and Adventure/Service Club.  The Adventure/Service Club team is Dan, Jeremiah, Lily and Caroline.  Our counselor pairs are Kaci/Andrew V, Kyle/Kayla, Colson/Jake. The preschool group is Jordan, Brian and Hailey. Our skit/motion team is Kira, Michaela, Morgan, Corey and Andrew B. It was so fun on our first day working together as a team that we celebrated with Peace Teas and Sue's Pond! Great fun was had in the water with the trampoline, the blob, and frisbees!

We still have team names for our chore groups and they are done by our small groups.  Amy's girls: Kayla,Kaci,Michaela and Morgan make up Team FrootLoops. Scott's guys: Colsen, Jake, Corey, and Kyle make up Team Frosted Flakes. Taylor's guys: Andrew, Andrew, Jeremiah, Dan, and Brian make up Team Apple Jakes. Leslie's girls: Kira, Jordan, Caroline, Lily, and Hailey make up team Lucky Charms.

Tomorrow brings another morning of VBS and we're sooo excited.  The adventure/service club will be heading off to Hamilton Falls with some of the 5th-8th graders from the local church and in the afternoon we'll be headed to the Colonial House to stack wood with a swim at another local pond.

Once I get Amy's pictures from today - I'll throw them all up on our picture site and put the link here!