Saturday, July 26, 2014

Friday Update + Pictures

*Deep Breath* ...... The work week is done! About 300 hours of work were put into 16 different projects this week! These students have put incredible effort, care, determination, and so much more into the projects this year.  I've continually heard from people around town about how amazing and wonderful they are.

Here's a quick example: Our high school kids and their work crews are allowed to go into a few different stores at the end of their work day.  One of those stores in town is called Mike and Tammy's. I stop in a few times during the week to make sure they haven't had any problems with our students or anything and just to improve our relationship with people in town.  When I stopped by yesterday Tammy looked at me like I was crazy when I asked how the kids had been this week.  She said - are you kidding me? Your kids are never any issue. They are the nicest bunch and the only kids I let come in in big groups.  I never have any issues and I love it when they come into the store.

I hear a similar story everywhere I go in town and it makes me smile over and over again.  Thank you parents for entrusting your students to us - thank you for giving them this opportunity where we can help them grow and love on them - and thank you for giving them the chance to bless this little town and turn it upside down.

We had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and followed it up with an ice cream dessert.  Tonight was "covenant" night for us which is the night where we make the Gospel really clear to students and give them a chance to have a personal encounter with Jesus.  After worship and an incredible talk with Mandy we moved into the gym where we had foot washing stations set up and the small group leaders washed the feet and prayed for each of the students in their group.  We ended our time with a circle up on the basketball court outside under the stars and we sang the classic Serve closing song of Sanctuary.

Breakfast is later tomorrow at 8:30 so we have a little extra time to sleep and then it'll be off for fun and adventures for the day.  Hiking, swimming, and a gravity fed roller coaster at Okemo mountain called Timber Ripper await!

Enjoy the pictures! There's some good ones today!