Sunday, July 14, 2013

What a Day!

We had a very full day and loved every minute of it.  We started with our regular routine of breakfast and devotionals and then went to the First Baptist Church service.  We returned back to the school for lunch and then headed off to an AMAZING hike.  We quickly covered the two miles to Little Rock Pond and then got to swim and jump off a big rock.  

Dinner was BBQ Chicken sandwiches followed by some free time while we awaited the arrival of the Indonesian Christian Church from Philadelphia.  There's ten of them including six students and it's going to be awesome having them here this week.  

Ben and Mandy and our leaders closed out the night with worship, a talk, and small groups. What a powerful message these students are hearing this week as they learn to grow in their faith and walk more closely with God on a daily basis!