Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wet and Wild Wednesday!

It's hard to believe we're over halfway through this week!  Our VBS team celebrated with wet and wild games for the kids and many of our other teams got into ponds, lakes, or found hoses as we endured a really hot day!  

The accolades continue to bubble up from all over town as I talk to people about all the work being done.  Certainly the big showcase is the work being done cleaning out the front yard of a homeowner in a prominent place in South Londonderry, but not to be outdone are the work by the other teams including a massive brush clearing and stair-building effort at the Montessori school, hard work in the community garden at the Collaborative, an awesome VBS program, and a huge pile of wood stacked at the Colonial House.

We've had fun tonight with an earlier "club" time which included an awesome game of "Egg Roulette".  Worship and the message are finishing now so they can have some awesome small groups before a crazy game outside tonight!

Two big days left for us of work as we finish what we've started this week here in Vermont!