Saturday, July 13, 2013

Send Notes!

Our students and volunteers LOVE getting notes! Use this form to drop them a line to let them know you're thinking about them, or a verse to encourage them, or even a a good joke.  Here's a quick list of student's and leaders to get you started.

*** EDIT *** 
In our quickness last night we forgot the link!!!!! SEND THEM NOTES here:

Lili Alicea
Kira Berol
Devin Berry
Jacob Blizzard
Daniel Bullock
Maddie Cooper
Sarah DiSanto
Tyler Edwards
Rebekah Hamblett
CJ Hunt
Sarah Hunt
Matthew Isuzka
Matt Koresko
Jack Koye
Danny McGee
Jordan Miller
Ashley Robinson
Josh Spencer
Jordan Sietzinger
Adam Szerszen
Martin Szerszen
Luke Turner
Haley Unthank
Daniel Vallette
Jonathan Wilde

Justin Dunn
Jean Laughlin
Sarah Stecz
Polly Berol
Amy Vallette
Maggie Hunt
Chris Hunt
Ben Thomas
Matt Harner
Matt Andraka

Support Staff
Tim Desilets
Mandy Desilets
Sarah Phillips
Dana Wright
Sam Paradis
Barb Desilets
Al Desilets
Ruth Anne Berry