Sunday, July 15, 2018


We're settling in and hitting our stride here in Chester, VT.  We started our day in South Londonderry after sleeping overnight at the Town Hall.  After breakfast and kids club orientation we walked down to the town hall and went to church at First Baptist Church of South Londonderry.  It's so great to be able to worship in the new First Baptist building and it's good for our students to experience a church service a little different then there's back home. 

After service we spent the next couple of hours relocating from South Londonderry to our home for the week in Chester.  We moved all of our food and home base supplies as well as the mattresses and our luggage this afternoon before sneaking away to a beautiful place called Stoughton Pond for a late afternoon swim!  

 Just to give you an idea of the size of our group this week:
19 students from Hope and 9 adults
9 students from Storehouse and 3 adults
5 local Vermont students and 1 adult
7 Admin / Director / Kitchen adults from Hope

On top of that we're joined by the Desilets Family and the Blackey family for dinner every night and tomorrow starts SERVE Preview for 5 fifth and sixth grade students from Vermont.  

Our evening programs have started incredibly.  Daniel Vallette is leading us in worship this week and different speakers are sharing each night.  Tim Desilets (me) kicked us off last night with a message about the heart of service and the importance of understanding that people are more important than projects and understand God's love for us helps us fill our love tanks in order to love the people around us.  Mandy Desilets shared tonight about our heads and she used the story of Gideon to talk about God's not looking for heroes and not looking for people that want to do something specific or serve a specific way but just want to be used by Him in whatever way He sees fit. 

The end of our nights are always capped off by small groups as students process the message they just heard with our amazing leaders and each other.  I love walking around as groups meet listening to excited conversation and comments about the things they just heard.  

The buildings are now quiet with the guys sleeping here at the Baptist Church and the girls just up the street at the Congregational Church.  It was a hot day and a hotter one tomorrow but the night air is cool and should make for a great night of sleep.  We start at 7:30 with breakfast and take a running leap into the morning with service project vans leaving at 8:30.  We'll have groups at VBS, The Collaborative, Londonderry Parks, and Abundance Acres Farm tomorrow.  I'll make sure to update where each of the students is working tomorrow.  Hopefully with some incredible pictures.  

In the meantime enjoy the pictures from today - I'm sure there will be even more tomorrow!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Headed to VT!

They are on the road! 19 Middle School Students from Hope are headed to Vermont to join students from Storehouse Church and First Baptist Church of South Londonderry for an incredible week of service projects, fun, laughter, and adventure!  Take a minute to write one of them (or their incredible leaders a note) to encourage them this week.  We'll post pictures and updates all week long - thanks for joining us on this journey!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Serve 2018 - Registration Open

Registration is now open for SERVE 2018. Click the Join us for SERVE 2018 link for more information! You can also download the SERVE 2018 Information Sheet.

We're so excited for another summer in southern Vermont.  If you have any questions about joining us, serving alongside us, or have us involved in your community in VT then please join email me at

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A little bit of wrap-up...

It was an incredible two weeks.  We're all in "recovery" mode now and I'm so thankful for those leaders that took the two-week challenge.  It's a sprint from start to finish during the two weeks but we wouldn't trade it for the world.  

I asked my leaders to come up with some numbers to show the sheer volume of things that were done just during high school week.  We had 58 high school students from two different PA churches serving on 9 work crews at over 15 different work sites in 7 different communities with 5 church partnerships. 

Here's some of the other numbers my volunteers came up with:
41,000 aluminum cans removed from a house
650 screws in a wheelchair ramp built in Cavendish
28+ smiling and loved on kids at VBS in Springfield
250 bottles of maple syrup filled, labeled and stocked at Taylor Farm in Londonderry
Over 7000 pieces of wood stacked at The Colonial House in Weston
Over 1600 pieces of bread consumed 
20+ Pickups, deliveries, and dump runs by the Love Works Truck
Over 1800 community service hours
7 nights of evening programming including worship, messages, and fun
2 baptisms

14 vehicles that traveled home

This trip is more than just numbers - it's about life change both in the hearts of our students and those that we serve.  It's about learning to live in community and getting to experience a different part of our world. It's also about learning that they can make an impact in a community that isn't their own during their high school career so that they know they can do the same by themselves as they get older.  

Thanks for being a part (even if just by reading) of SERVE 2017.  I won't say this is my last blog of the summer.  There's probably a few more things rattling around in my head that are worthy of sharing.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Final Photos!

The last of the photos (Saturday/Sunday) are in two albums!
You can find them here:

Traveling Home

First Caravan:
Everyone not in second Caravan below :)
Arrival time between 5 and 6

Second Caravan:
Arrival Time Between 6 and 7

Dan B
Andrew V
Daniel V
Ashley Harper

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Pictures from yesterday!

Our covenant night was last night so we weren't able to get the pictures up until now, but here are the pictures from Friday!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

More pictures!

Here are Thursday's pictures!

Thursday Update

It's the second to last day of work projects and we had another great day although the weather hasn't been the best this week.  We dodged rain drops again today for the first part of the day and the sun played games with us all afternoon.  Even with those obstacles - wood was stacked, maple syrup bottled, trash taken to the dump, a VBS run, a porch scraped, a playground painted, a wheelchair ramp finished, a family helped, many appliances moved to a basement, a summer camp cleaned up, a senior lunch served and a whole lot more that didn't get caught on camera!  

I (Tim) get the amazing opportunity to drive around to various work sites every day and interact with both our students that are serving and the people they are working for.  I can't tell you how many people are just blown away by these kids.  They can't fathom why'd they'd even come here for a week to do service work.  I often get questions like: "Are they in trouble?" "Do they have to do this for school?" and I try to tell them and convince them that no they just want to be here and get so much joy out of serving others.  I spoke with homeowners, pastors, organization leaders, business owners and more today that were blown away by the amount of work these kids poured out on work sites today.  

Enjoy the pictures when they get posted in a bit and soak in just how amazing this group of students really is!