Tuesday, April 23, 2019

SERVE 2019 Registration is LIVE!

Registration is now open for SERVE 2019. Click the Join us for SERVE 2019 link for more information! You can also download the SERVE 2019 Information Sheet.

We're so excited for another summer in southern Vermont.  If you have any questions about joining us, serving alongside us, or have us involved in your community in VT then please join email me at tdesilets@hope-cc.org.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

End of Week Pictures

We had an incredible day yesterday although thunderstorms still followed us around! Thankfully by evening they had disappeared and our bonfire and cook out were dry!

Here are the pictures from today!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Thursday and Pictures


It took all day but we finally had sunshine and made it out for recreation tonight.  It's been an incredible week.  It's late though after a lot of logistics planning for the next couple of days so I'm just going to provide a link to pictures and comment more tomorrow! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Wednesday (including pictures)

It was another wet wet day here in southern Vermont and while most of our teams had inside work a couple of our teams battled the elements and closed out some projects already this week.  For a little bit of a different look at the day the admin team went on a journey and went on a journey to all eight work sites with several other pit stops along the way.  We thought you'd like a glimpse of SERVE from breakfast to our evening message so here you go:

As we go through tomorrow the weather should improve.  I'm excited about some projects that we're going to get to do and of course being able to get out of the building for evening activity tomorrow night.  

And of course.... pictures from today!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Tuesday Pictures

Great shots from today!

Taco Tuesday, Work Crews, and Evening Recreation

There's many traditions at SERVE and barring any crazy schedule changes during our week (like last week) one of those traditions is TACO TUESDAY. 

We're so thankful for our incredible cooks (Barb and Al Desilets) and their dedicated team of volunteers this week including Hopers Bob Huber and Bob Soulchin and Vermonters Tina Labeau, Bev Foster, and a variety of others that have popped in all week!

The sun finally graced us with it's presence today not only was a lot of work done but we got out for recreation tonight at an incredible park called Stoughton Pond. 
What I think you really want to know about though is where the students served today! Each day 8 different work crews leave Chester Baptist Church and head into the surrounding communities.  Every year we have a theme for our team names which have included mountains, ski areas, Ben and Jerry's flavors, Crayola colors, VT State Parks, ski trail names, Peace Tea flavors and more.  For our 10th Anniversary here in VT we picked team names based on the best of those categories.

Team CaddyShack
Starting their week at Whale of a Sale moving furniture and helping the Congregational Church of Londonderry and then hoping to do some painting at a local park if the weather holds off!

Team Equinox
Starting their week off at Colonial House stacking wood and headed to do some tree work in Cavendish and some house repair in Chester later in the week.

Team Apple Jacks
Working at the Colaborative this week painting in their building and weeding in the community garden.  More work as the week goes on in Flood Brook School.

Team Mud Pie
Started their week off helping Chris and Kathleen Blackey at the First Baptist Church in South Londonderry and then headed to Taylor Farm today to work on an apartment that needed some serious love after previous tenants recently left.

Team Stillwater
Serving at the Calvary Baptist Church VBS in Springfield this week providing energy, skits, and dance moves to an already awesome program. In the afternoons they've got some time to prep for the next day but also got out into the community this week to do some work at the Springfield Parent Child Center.

Team Mango Tango
Working at the Springfield Family Center this week doing some cleaning, painting, and helping serve lunch.

Team Ripcord
Serving in Cavendish this week on a wide variety of jobs.  Pastor Abe at the Cavendish Baptist Church does an incredible job networking with his community and this team is in a lot of different places doing a lot of cool things this week.

Team Sugarbush
Working right here in Chester and Andover this week doing a variety of jobs including at Abundance Acres CSA, building benches, and helping the pastor of the Chester Congregational Church with a yard sale.  

Pictures will be up later tonight - thanks to the incredible Alexis Madonna for her work in getting all those amazing pictures up online all week long!

Monday, July 23, 2018

Monday Pictures

Monday Pictures

Off and Running (Monday)

The start to a high school week is always fast and furious.  In the span of about 6 hours from the time they arrive 5PM to the time they go to bed on Sunday night 11PM it's a flurry of activities.  Happy Fun Bags are made, work crew orientations happen, dinner is served, worship happens, a message is given and small groups meet.  It's a sprint but a worthy sprint as it gets us prepared and ready to get out into the community on Monday morning.  

After a good night of sleep and a hearty oatmeal breakfast this morning everyone was ready to go. The forecast was for rain and that held true all day long and a couple teams had to adjust their plans and be flexible accordingly.  

If you're new to the blog or new to SERVE (a little background for you) - our home base for the week is Chester, VT but we serve alongside four different American Baptist churches within a half hour from Chester including Chester Baptist, Calvary Baptist (Springfield), First Baptist Church of South Londonderry, and Cavendish Baptist.  This week we have 8 teams serving every day doing a variety of projects all throughout these communities.  

Pictures from today will be posted a little bit later and we'll get you pictures and descriptions of the projects your students are working on tomorrow as well!